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Current projects

We are currently running a project with the overall aim of contributing to poverty reduction among farmers in the Mai-Ndombe area by facilitating agricultural production and sales of agricultural products, by:

  • Offer safe river transport for the transportation of agricultural products from the Mai-Ndombe area to the capital Kinshasa.
  • Offer equipment to facilitate and streamline agricultural production.
  • Offer farmers who live far from ports the opportunity to transport their products to river ports.

The project primarily aims to improve the situation / production of women, especially single women who are particularly vulnerable.

Viability, sustainability and expansion are the key words for all project components. This means that the farmers will be offered the services at a price they are able to pay. Prices shall be calculated on - and cover - costs for operation, maintenance and repair and expansion (purchase of additional barges, tractors and implements, etc.). Through this, the project will be sustainable and avoid the problems that many other projects suffer (longer or shorter interruptions due to lack of money for repairs, etc.).

As for now in 2020, we have these boats and vehicles in operation in Congo for our operations.

1. Two tugboats that we received from the Swedish Armed Forces that push up a barge that loads 200 tons of agricultural products up the Congo river. The boats usually operate on the Congo River and up to the tributaries Lukenie and Kasai. We also have a smaller boat for passenger transport for about 8 people.

2. Three Scania off-road trucks, of which two are 6x6 TGB 40 used for transport in the provinces of Kwilu, Mai Ndombe, Kinshasa and Congo Central.

3. An agricultural and transport tractor in Kimpese, Congo-Centrale Province. Four tractors in the Mai Ndombe province for transport with a wagon to ports in the villages / towns of Konkia, Semendua and the area east of Semendua in the "Secteur Batere" where you kind villages such as Mbien Kasai, Sebie, Sementoko and Bosobe among others.

Over the years, we have also helped the population with several thousands of hand tools for agriculture in collaboration with various actors. We also have plans to send additional boats and tractors in the coming years to Congo.


A newly started project that we have seen as a necessity is to rehabilitate and maintain certain roads and repair some bridges. We have started this work in 2019 in "Secteur Batere" together with the person responsible for this "Secteur" (Chef coutimière de secteur) and we intend to continue this work and expand it further up to the communities of Oshwe, Lokolama, Ipope and Mimia.
Another very important activity we would like to start up in 2020 is to send out a boat from Sweden to Congo that could go on the Lokoro river to help the population in the deep forest to transport and sell their products in the town of Inongo. The people deep in the forest are now very isolated since the roads are not passable for vehicules and the important bridges and barges have collapsed.

In addition to this work, we also have some work to support healthcare, transit homes in Semendua and Kinshasa as well as some football teams in the countryside.