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Healthcare Material to Mai Ndombe and new activities implemented on “Plateau Bateke”.


During the spring was essential healthcare material delivered to several health care facilities in the Mai Ndombe province, DR Congo.

A new activity has also been implemented on "Plateau Bateke", about 150 km from Kinshasa. We are here going to use our tractor to support the farmers in the area where they will be using the tractor to make the farming more efficient. To keep the activities economically sustainable, will a small fee be charged. Bilanga never implements activities that are not self-supporting in itself and the small fee will be enough to pay for the maintenance of the tractor and to pay for a new tractor when it will be replaced in the future. This tractor is though in very good shape and will help farmers in the area for years to come.

There is a women's cooperative nearby where we will have our base and they will be of great use of the tractor.

Several new projects and improvements of existing activities during 2011-2012 are also being planned and in the summer we also aim at getting this site translated into French and English. Among other things is a container planned to be shipped to Congo over the summer with materials to support the transports in the Konkia area and a lot of farm machinery, mobile sawmills, and much more. Gifts in the form of agricultural machinery, portable saw mills and tractors are especially very welcome as well as financial support for our activities during 2012.