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The next trip is planned to isolated areas in North Mai Ndombe province


In 2021, longer trips are planned up the rainforest to isolated areas that are not accessible by ordinary vehicles but only by motorcycles as the roads, bridges and ferries across the major rivers have collapsed since 15-20 years. There are different ethnic groups such as indigenous peoples in an area that today is very isolated deep in the Equatorial rainforest and there is a huge need for transportation so the population can sell their agricultural products and the fish they catch in the area. We will have to go into Mai Ndombe Lake and then further into the Lokoro River to finally reach the village of Lokolama. For many years, they have basically only used dangerous wooden boats of poor quality to get to this lake and river, which has led to many accidents every year with hundreds of victims as the boats are unsafe and often overloaded. It is planned to go with two barges, a smaller barge of about 100 tons that will get into the Lokoro River and a larger barge of about 150-200 tons that will be left in Mai Ndombe lake to load in several ports at Mai Ndombe Lake. The trip is expected to take place from Kinshasa in late January or early February.