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Webpage is to be updated and Bilanga's presence in social media plattforms to be improved


At the last annual meeting in July 2020, David Eriksson was re-elected as chairman after two years of absence from the post as he worked as a missionary / aid worker for the Uniting Churches of Sweden in recent years and during this period he could not have the role of chairman of the association Bilanga and be employed for the Church in the same time. Now that this employment for the Church has ended, David Eriksson returns to the role of chairman, which he had during the years 2007-2018. The first steps that David will take is to update the website, which has been somewhat in neglect in recent years. Bilanga's Facebook page will also be developed with news and more information in French and English. An instagram account will also be created. So stay tuned for more updates and news in the future!